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Clean Your Face Properly For Optimum Skin Health

Facial Cleansing Twice Per Day Promotes Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Cleansing your face is the first and most important step in your twice daily skin care routine. If the skin is not clean, your toners, serums and lotions or creams will not be effective. Also not cleansing appropriately will cause the skin to be rough feeling, congested, dull, dry, and age faster. So to have healthier, younger looking skin, you need to cleanse twice a day. Once in the morning is sufficient, but two times at night is necessary.

A morning wash gets all of the dead skin cells that float around your room, other pollution in your house, and the skin care product you have on from the night before. It’s best to clean the face twice at night to really clear off the makeup, oil and perspiration that develops, and the toxins from the air. Even if you don’t wear makeup, cleanse your face twice at night.

To accomplish this you need a gentle cleanser that is still powerful enough to remove the collected debris. A professional cleanser is best. Most of them can take the eye makeup off too. And the disposable wipes are not a thorough enough cleansing. They are only good for a pre-cleanse. Soaps are a no-no also because they are too harsh and cause the skin to be dry and irritated. They can leave a film on the face, preventing absorption of your serums and creams.

Wet your hands and face with warm water. Apply cleanser to every area of the face and neck with your fingers, getting into every nook and cranny. Rewet your face and massage lightly for at least 30 seconds each time you wash, more can be better. This helps you to clean out the pores better and soften the residue. You can liken this to soaking your pots and pans. The soap softens the residue and makes for easier cleaning. Use a soft washcloth and warm water to remove all the cleanser. (A fresh washcloth needs to be used each time.) Then splash your face with warm water to be sure all the cleanser is off. You can pat dry lightly if you are not using a toner. Otherwise, leave you face damp for the next step.

Other Skin Care Tips

  • Going to bed with makeup on can age your skin up to seven times faster.
  • Cold water should never be used to wash your face. It blocks the skin from a proper cleanse and exfoliation because the pores are constricted.
  • Medicated lip balms that have camphor actually dry out your lips. No petroleum or mineral oil, they also dry your lips. Look for shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, aloe, vitamins A, D and E.

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