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Skin Toners Part Of Effective Skin Care

Toners Target Damaged Skin

We recently explained the importance of facial cleansing and skin cleansers. The next step in your skin care routine is a toner, also called clarifying lotion or freshener. They come with different ingredients for different skin conditions, such as humectants for dehydrated skin, calming agents for sensitive skin, antibacterials for acne skin, etc. Toners are water-based and help protect the skin after cleansing.

The most beneficial part of toners is that they fill in “hot spots” on your face. Most people have skin damage from stress, pollution, diet, and improper products. By using toner and filling in those spots, your product will be more effective. Another benefit is to help spread your serum over the skin for better absorption. Spray toners are popular and easier to use. Just a light spray, leave it on and apply serum. The use of a toner is recommended for all of the added benefits.

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Other Skin Care Tips

  • Astaxanthin–an antioxidant–is a potent anti-inflammatory that can positively impact your health. It also helps to prevent sunburn, and helps
    protect you from damaging effects of radiation. Great for summer sun. Hawaiian Asataxanthin is the best.
  • Hugs reduce your susceptibility to infections associated with stress. So hug someone today.
  • Night is when our skin is in renewal mode and most receptive to treatment. This is when your products work the best.

For a skin care consultation and evaluation via telephone, please contact us today. We can recommend natural products that will help you look and feel your best, while promoting anti-aging. If you live in the greater Chicago area, including Geneva, St. Charles and Wheaton, please visit us when possible.

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