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Are You Using Diverted Products

The other day a client called to ask why the product she just purchased from me was much cheaper online.  I explained to her about diverted product sold in “unauthorized places” and she did not know about this at all.  Since it is a big problem for people like me and big companies, let me explain.  When products are much lower in cost than at reputable places, they are known as diverted products.  Buyer Beware

These products can be counterfeit, diluted and /or altered formulas, old or expired products that may not be safe to use.  There could be completely different ingredients in the product than on the label.  In fact there was an expose on a TV news program about Mac products that were sold in a shop in New York City.  They had the products tested and found that they were not Mac’s ingredients and had aluminum and barium and other toxic ingredients in them.  The packaging was Mac’s packaging.  No difference at all.  So people thought they were getting a Mac product at a great cheap price.  That’s your red flag right there.

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You could be harming your body by using these products, as they can not only be ineffective but dangerous too, resulting in irritation, infection, rashes, blisters, swelling, or even worse.
Diverted products may have been gathered from multiple places (a company’s dumpster for example) or stolen before being sold.  They then put them on Amazon or Ebay for sale. The warehouses where they store them can be hot and humid or extremely cold, helping the product to lose its effectiveness and be a breeding ground for bacteria.  Companies like Target, Walmart and drugstores have been known to sell diverted products also.  Pevonia products are exclusively available through licensed and authorized industry professionals and Not available through mass market retailers.
Diverted product hurts me, an independent business, the professional manufacturer and you, too, the consumer who trusts a professional brand to deliver the highest quality ingredients and results.  When purchasing a diverted product , you are contributing to a major problem that affects you, the consumer, and the entire skincare industry.  If you decide to still buy from an unauthorized seller, think of your health and safety.  Would you purchase a medication online that is discounted to save a few dollars?  Your skin is the largest organ of your body and protects you and your insides.  Do you want to endanger its health with diverted products?  Buy safe from an authorized seller.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about this.  This is not only a problem for the skin care industry but many others also.
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Happiest Time of Year??

Merry Christmas
Well this is suppose to be the happiest time of year, but with all the upheaval in our lives and the world today, we are all more stressed out than ever.  According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, “Today, stress is responsible for up to 90% of doctor visits. Chemistry released into the blood by a brain experiencing stress shuts down the body’s maintenance-growth mechanisms, inhibits the immune system and produces emotional distress that adversely affects our behavior and consciousness. Fear, anxiety, sleeplessness, digestive, skin and nervous system disorders are currently responsible for manifesting a massive crisis in healthcare.”
My prescription for stress relief is an energy healing facial treatment and/or a sound energy healing  treatment. You can do both treatments at one time if you wish for a stronger relaxing effect.  Each treatment on its own will help you to look and feel healthier and younger. This will make for a merrier Christmas for all.
A gift certificate for family or friends will show them that you care enough about them and their well being.
Gift cards are available.  Just call or text, or email me.
  630-655-3345      or    Send me an email


I have My Skin Buddy in stock for that special christmas present for someone.  This is a hand held tool that has a cleansing mode, ultrasonic mode (helps with product penetration), and LED light for wrinkles, acne, and redness.  Great for home use.
Here’s their website for more info.
If interested, call for your price.

Call or text or email me if you have any questions or concerns.
Have a joyful holiday!!
Love and joy  Joan Kesman
Receive a facial treatment before Dec. 30th, 2017and receive a Free mini Sound Energy
Therapy Treatment with my 4 new tuning forks.  15 minutes added to facial.  $25 gift to you.
Call for price on My Skin Buddy
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Skin Care Tips From Mayo Clinic

Protect Skin From The Sun, Bad Diet

Don’t have time for intensive skin care? Pamper yourself with these  basic tips from the Mayo Clinic. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems. Get started with these five skin care tips.

Geneva skin care and facial

1. Protect yourself from the sun: A lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems — as well as increase the risk of skin cancer. For the most complete sun protection:

  • Use sunscreen. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. When you’re outdoors, reapply sunscreen every two hours — or more often if you’re swimming or perspiring.
  • Seek shade. Avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun’s rays are strongest.
  • Wear protective clothing. Cover your skin with tightly woven long-sleeved shirts, long pants and wide-brimmed hats. Also consider laundry additives, which give clothing an additional layer of ultraviolet protection for a certain number of washings, or special sun-protective clothing — which is specifically designed to block ultraviolet rays.

2. Don’t smoke: Smoking makes your skin look older and contributes to wrinkles. Smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin, which decreases blood flow. This depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are important to skin health. Smoking also damages collagen and elastin — the fibers that give your skin its strength and elasticity. In addition, the repetitive facial expressions you make when smoking — such as pursing your lips when inhaling and squinting your eyes to keep out smoke — can contribute to wrinkles.

3. Treat your skin gently: Daily cleansing and shaving can take a toll on your skin. To keep it gentle:

  • Limit bath time. Hot water and long showers or baths remove oils from your skin. Limit your bath or shower time, and use warm — rather than hot — water.
  • Avoid strong soaps. Strong soaps and detergents can strip oil from your skin. Instead, choose mild cleansers.
  • Shave carefully. To protect and lubricate your skin, apply shaving cream, lotion or gel before shaving. For the closest shave, use a clean, sharp razor. Shave in the direction the hair grows, not against it.
  • Pat dry. After washing or bathing, gently pat or blot your skin dry with a towel so that some moisture remains on your skin.
  • Moisturize dry skin. If your skin is dry, use a moisturizer that fits your skin type. For daily use, consider a moisturizer that contains SPF.

4. Eat a healthy diet: A healthy diet can help you look and feel your best. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. The association between diet and acne isn’t clear — but some research suggests that a diet rich in vitamin C and low in unhealthy fats and processed or refined carbohydrates might promote younger looking skin.

5. Manage stress: Uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive and trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. To encourage healthy skin — and a healthy state of mind — take steps to manage your stress. Set reasonable limits, scale back your to-do list and make time to do the things you enjoy. The results might be more dramatic than you expect.

Skin Care News via: http://www.mayoclinic.org/skin-care/art-20048237

To find out more about the importance of facials and natural skin care products, please contact Skin Care Plus. We use and recommend the best natural and organic skin care products available. We also offer other skin care treatments that can help with anti-aging and overall skin health, including the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles.

Geneva Skin care and facial

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Facials An Effective Anti-Aging Treatment

Facials Open Pores, Improve Blood Flow, Purge Toxins

Few things feel more indulgent than a great facial. During the 30-to-60-minute procedure, your skin will be steam cleaned, sloughed, and slathered with a variety of nutrient-rich masks, serums, and moisturizers. As your complexion reaps the benefits of all that pampering, your mental health will get a boost as well, thanks to a tension-taming combo of soothing scents, soft music and gentle massage.

Along with squeaky-clean skin and a tranquil mind, you may also leave the spa with a few choice tidbits offered by the aesthetician— everything from the transformative powers of the treatment to at-home skin care strategies. 

Geneva skin care and facial

“I call it spa science because there isn’t a lot of science behind many of the claims,” says Doris Day M.D., clinical associate professor of dermatology at New York University Langone Medical Center. Still, she and other dermatologists are fans of the facial, provided it’s under the guidance of a trained professional and customized for your skin type. “Enjoy the process, but take the advice with a grain of salt,” she says. “Think of a facial as a treat rather than a medical treatment.”

We polled women for “facts” they’ve heard at the spa or salon, then asked three top docs to set the record straight. Read on to find out the truth behind that lavender oil and Enya.

Source: http://www.refinery29.com/2014/01/60840/facial-skin-care-lies?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss#slide-1

Learn more about the importance of facials and natural skin care products, please contact Skin Care Plus. We use and recommend the best natural and organic skin care products available. We also offer other skin care treatments that can help with anti-aging and overall skin health, including the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles.

Geneva Skin care and facial

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Skin Care Tips For Winter

Hydration, Sun Screen Key Objectives

Harsh winds and central heating pull the moisture from our skin, leaving us prone to wrinkles. As the weather gets worse, here are some tips to protect your skin from the winter elements:

Geneva skin care and facial

1. Moisturize: Our skin’s barrier function is less effective in winter which makes it more challenging to keep skin hydrated. To combat water loss, look for natural moisturizers that have the ability to hold and attract water in the skin.

2. Drink Warm Water: Water helps plump up the skin but a cold glass from the tap just isn’t that appealing if it’s cold outside. Not surprising then that, during winter, we tend to drink much less than the recommended daily 1.6 litres of fluid for women and two liters for men. Warm water is a great hydrator but if you can’t stomach it, drink white tea instead. Studies have shown that extracts in white tea strengthen the skin’s elastin and collagen content.

3. Avoid Long, Hot Showers: There’s nothing nicer than languishing in a steamy shower but your skin won’t like it. Long, hot baths and showers strip the skin of its protective oils, allowing moisture to escape. Keep showers short and warm, not hot, and as soon as you step out of the steam, while your skin is still damp and pores open, apply moisturizer. Put your moisturizer in a sink of hot water while you’re showering. It will feel warm and soothing as applied and it also will be absorbed more easily.

4. Sunscreen: UV rays are still a factor in winter, especially with snow around to reflect light. Use a broad spectrum SPF no lower than SPF25 to protect against rays.”

5. Oatmeal Therapy: Dry skin can feel itchy but scratching can damage skin and encourage fine lines to form into deeper wrinkles. Colloidal Oatmeal has an ­anti-itch, anti-inflammatory and ultra-hydrating action on the skin. The beta gluten in oatmeal leaves skin feeling like satin. Products are available that contain colloidal oatmeal. Or make your own.

6. Extra Eye Care: The fine skin around the eyes can get extra dry and sore in winter, leading to deepened crow’s feet. As always, pay special attention to this region of your face with cleansers, moisturizers and serums. Apply and remove lotions and makeup gently so as to avoid stretching this sensitive skin.

7. Wrap-Up To Avoid Moisture Loss: It sounds obvious but wearing scarves, hats and earmuffs will help avoid moisture loss. Go easy on exfoliant. We all know it’s essential to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, which allows moisturizer to penetrate deeper but go easy in winter. Excess exfoliation damages the natural hydro-lipidic barrier, which can promote dehydration.

8. Good Fats: Fats are essential for healthy and nourished skin, but be sure to choose healthy (mono-unsaturated) ­varieties. Fats in nuts and avocados are great for a healthy complexion. They have antioxidants such as vitamin E and selenium.

For more information about personal and natural skin care, please contact us. We offer telephone consultations to clients across Chicago and around the world.  

Source: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/lifestyle/fashion-beauty/tips-hints-warding-winter-wrinkles-2934590

Learn more about the importance of facials and natural skin care products, please contact Skin Care Plus. We use and recommend the best natural and organic skin care products available. We also offer other skin care treatments that can help with anti-aging and overall skin health, including the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles.

Geneva Skin care and facial

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