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Be Stunning As You Age

LED light therapy facial treatments can help slow down your skin’s aging process without irritation or inflammation.  (The more you irritate the skin, the more it becomes inflamed, the faster you age and the more you areprone to skin cancer.)   So to have healthier and younger looking skin, you need to book an appointment with me for a light therapy facial to help repair and rejuvenate your face from the inside out.    

What is it and how does it work?  Well simply — LED is pulsed light that stimulates and regenerates skin cells to promote healing using specific light frequencies.  The spectrum is  between infrared and ultraviolet.  The light is converted to an electrical wave.  Since we are electro energy, the cells absorb the light (same with sunlight).  This light is converted to electro energy which creates more energy for cell division for rebuilding.  So you achieve skin rejuvenation fro within.   

And what happens to the skin when using light therapy —   Softens lines and wrinkles  — Increases firmness and moisture — Helps collagen production — Better blood circulation — Minimizes pores — Promotes faster healing — Reduces broken capillaries — Reduces pigmentation — Reduces redness and acne  and more.It’s great for anti-aging and acne.  At the same time the light helps to relax you, so it is stress relieving along with all the healing properties.     

And how long has it been around?   The Greeks back in 1500 B.C. first recorded the healing properties of light to restore health.   Of course the technology wasn’t there yet until 1903 A.D.  Dr. Niels Finsen, Danish physician, demonstrated the beneficial effects of various wavelengths to treat TB.  Now it is used in dermatology, neurology, physiotherapy, and more. Years of research have shown that light therapy has a powerful therapeutic benefit to living tissue.    Again in the 1960’s more was found out and NASA began using it and that’s how it came to be in Esthetics.  

Even after one treatment you can tell a change in your face.  For the best results to younger looking skin,  full facial treatment using LED and then 1 or 2 treatments a week using just LED for 6 weeks or more, depending on the skin.    

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Reduce Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Say Goodbye To Bags Under Eyes

Our lives consist of stress and lack of sleep, both of which not only leave us in a bad mood but also form those nasty black circles under our eyes. These horrid circles are a sign of poor health and are a sign that you need to make some simple changes to your day to day life style. There are plenty of products on the market that promise to destroy those dark circles overnight, there are also some natural skin care remedies to help you get back on track. If you’ve had a few too many late nights take a read of the below as these tips and tricks will help you recover and say goodbye to those black rings.

Geneva skin care and facial

1. Try and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. 

Although this is probably not the first time you have read about having to drink water, that clear fluid will not only help keep your skin hydrated but will also say goodbye to those dark circles. If you love your caffeine then drinking water is even more important as this helps keep toxins out of your cells making them healthy and vibrant once again. Getting your daily dose of water will also allow you to have healthier skin that looks glowing and radiant.

2. Make sure you’re getting your vitamins

Your body and skin cells need vitamin B, Iron and Vitamin E in order to give you that healthy looking skin that you want. The dark circles under your eyes will disappear after just a few days with a good vitamin E boost.

3. Drink a daily glass of orange Juice.

Vitamin C plays a significant role in our skin’s health. If your diet is lacking vitamin c you are limiting your chances to that fresh glow each morning. Improve your diet with a vitamin-C infused drink or supplement. Even better if you are a fruit fan, add a few oranges or grapefruits to your daily fruit intake.

4. Reduce your salt intake.

Too much salt can lead to fluid-retention, which is normally the reason for the puffiness under your eyes. Whilst ensuring you are getting your recommended amount of water each day will help as it helps to flush the toxins out of your body, reducing your salt intake will also help dramatically. You’ll notice a visible change in just a day.

Dark circles under the eyes are more visible on aging skin as this area becomes very delicate and thin. By ensuring your body gets enough water, has a healthy diet and gets enough exercise can help reduce the signs of aging naturally, this will not diminish all signs but it will be a good start.

Say goodbye to those black rings around your eyes and make a few simple changes to your lifestyle and diet for healthier skin and a glowing complexion. Your face and eyes will look brighter and younger.

Source: http://www.healthhotsolution.com/13/category/how%20to%20reduce%20the%20dark%20circles%20under%20your%20eyes/1.html

To find out more about the importance of facials and natural skin care products, please contact Skin Care Plus. We use and recommend the best natural and organic skin care products available. We also offer other skin care treatments that can help with anti-aging and overall skin health, including the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles.

Geneva Skin care and facial

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