Chicago Day Spa Gives Girl Scouts Free Session On Personal Care

Helping Young Women Make Healthy Skin Care Choices

Teen girls rarely get an opportunity to receive professional tips on healthy skin care choices regarding acne, makeup, or dietary alternatives, but a Chicago-area girl scout troop received the royal treatment and lessons that could impact their health and lives.

The troop leaders with Girl Scout Troop #121, a group of 6th grade girls from Cossitt Elementary School in LaGrange, are spending this year working with the girls on taking proper care of themselves and helping others. Given the lifelong challenges, risks, and costs associated with skin care, troop leader Amy Rudolph, a devoted client at Skin Care Plus, asked the professionals there to give a presentation to the young girls. They wanted to teach each of the girls how to take care of their face to keep it healthy and hydrated. They also wanted them to learn how to care for any breakouts or acne that might develop.

Illustration of Girl Scouts in a Line

The Girl Scouts and their leaders, Amy Rudolph and Karen Janik, received their free presentation on Sunday, March 28th. Kesman explained how to minimize pimples and eliminate them. She also demonstrated a mini facial and explained the purpose of each step in the process to eliminate toxins and stimulate healthy circulation throughout the head and neck. The girls also applied a mask that matched their individual skin chemistry and needs. The spa also treated them to a paraffin wax hand treatment.

“The first line of defense in protecting your health is the skin,” said Joan Kesman, owner of Skin Care Plus. “As simple as it sounds, we explain to all of our clients how to cleanse properly and the type of cleanser to use according to their skin characteristics.”

“This was a fun and fruitful session for all of us,” said troop leader Amy Rudolph. “This is the age where we all learn habits and tips that can impact our health for our entire lives. Joan explained the benefits of many health and personal care tips. She also explained the consequences that we face when we ignore them.”

Skin Care Plus is a skin care, massage and personal restoration spa. Joan Kesman, LE, Psych-K® facilitator and energy healing practitioner, has more than 23 years as a licensed facial technician and more than 12 years in energy-based healing modalities. Besides the ongoing training in new facial techniques, new equipment and product ingredients, she has had extensive training in massage therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, Body Talk, Reiki, EFT, and Quantum Touch. She has also completed the basic and advanced instruction to be a Psych-K® facilitator. Joan’s experienced knowledge and intuition provides deeper insight into her work. To de-stress body, mind, and spirit is her goal  for each and every client.

The skin care spa plans to offer free clinics periodically to give back to the community. To find out more about the importance of facials and natural skin care products, please contact Skin Care Plus. We use and recommend the best natural and organic skin care products available. We also offer other skin care treatments that can help with anti-aging and overall skin health, including the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles.

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