Signature Treatments

Swich™ Treatment – Face and Neck and Decolette

This rejuvenating skin treatment makes you glow. Your skin will be more luminous, healthier, clearer and firmer. This treatment stimulates cellular regeneration by up to 25%, which means new skin is generated to replace old skin with no harm. This is an effective alternative to toxic chemical peels.  

85 Min.  $150

Facial Treatment with LED Light Therapy

This high tech facial addresses your individual needs with this Superior New LED light therapy unit that is so powerful, it only takes 5 minutes instead of the 30 minutes time of other units.
Benefits:  Increases moisture retention, helps reduce lines and wrinkles, tone, decrease pore size, pigmentation, acne scars, calm and soothe, and anti-aging.  This treatment will make your skin look younger, smoother, more toned, and healthier twice as fast as a traditional facial.  Can help with acne also.  

Corrective Treatment:  Deep cleanse, neck and shoulder massage, extractions, facial massage, LED, moisturizers.
70 Min.  $135+
Mini Treatment: Deep cleanse, neck and shoulder massage, extractions, serum, LED, moisturizers.
50 Min.  $99
Micro Mini Treatment:  LED and serum.
20 Min.  $33

For best results 2 treatments a week for 4 to 6 weeks.  Packages available.

Facial Treatment with Ultra High Frequency

Another high tech corrective treatment that stimulates the natural skin’s function of self-renewing, self-regenerating, and self-healing.  Different modality than LED but with about the same benefits.  

Corrective Treament:  Deep cleanse, neck and shoulder massage, extractions, serums, U.H.F. and moisturizer.
65 Min.   $135+   Add LED after $152

Ultrasonic Therapy

A safe yet effective way to exfoliate your skin to remove oil plugs, dirt and blackheads. Not irritating, no redness or downtime and pain free. An effective way to promote glowing and smooth skin. The Ultrasonic Spatula promotes better product penetration, helping to tone, hydrate, calm, etc. depending on the product’s active ingredients.  Is used as needed.  No Charge