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Is Your Sunscreen Toxic

 Some Sunscreens Can Damage Your Skin, Fail To Block Harmful Rays

The sun is out and summer is here.  The last few days have been beautiful for getting out, but at the same time that sun causes damage to our skin and can age us faster.  Facial treatments will help prevent that by repairing, calming and hydrating the face slowing down the aging process.  The newest and best treatment I have is LED light therapy.  Just purchased a new one that has new technology to further enhance your skin.  Check for info below and call for your appointment now at 630 655 3345.

 Yes, we do need that sun that helps your body create Vitamin D.  It is recommended that you sit in the sun for about 15 to 45 minutes depending on how light or dark you are to get your needed dose.  Many ailments we have can be from a lack of this supplement.  Some experts believe that excessive use of sunscreen is also the cause of Vitamin D deficiency.

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I, personally, do not use sunscreens.  I had a bad experience with it years ago when it became popular.  It burned my face.  I was on the golf course and used my water bottle to wash it off and still had to wash it off more at the nearest restroom.  I do take precautions with the sun.  My main to go product is Pevonia’s Vitamin C Complex for my face, to help prevent sun damage.  Using Vitamin C Complex at night helps to reverse  sun damage.  If I am going to be out for quite awhile, I take a powerful antioxidant Bio Astin Hawaiian Astaxanthin 12 mg before going into the sun, to help prevent sunburn.  When I’m out at my grandson’s baseball games, I further protect myself by wearing clothing that covers me more, wear sunglasses, and sit under trees when they are around.

Most sunscreens have toxic synthetic chemicals that are irritating to the skin such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, benzophenones,octyl methoxycinnamate, and more.  These ingredients can increase your risk of skin cancer and because of the irritation factor, it does increase aging of the skin.  Remember the Scientific Rule which states: The more you irritate the skin, the more it becomes inflamed, the faster you age, and the more you are prone to skin cancer.  It’s also recommended that you DO NOT use spray sunscreens because of the risk to your lungs.If you burn easily, you might need to use a sunscreen.  Look for a zinc oxide or titanium dioxide based formula that acts as a physical barrier. They just sit on the surface of the skin.  There is much controversy about using non-nanotech or nanotech formulas.  You choose.  A safe one that I use and my family uses is Dr. Mercola SPF 50 sunscreen.  Can be purchased on his website.

If you want to read more, check out these 2 sites: sunscreen ingredients Best and Worst Sunscreens

This is my new LED light therapy unit.  Phototherapy is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  It can increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, decrease wrinkles, improve texture, tone, and clarity, ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and spasms and kill acne bacteria and much more.  Also helps with rosacea and redness.  So with the summer sun, if you get sunburn the LED light therapy can help to heal that faster.

Geneva Skin care and facial

To find out more about the importance of facials and natural skin care products, please contact Skin Care Plus. We use and recommend the best natural and organic skin care products available. We also offer other skin care treatments that can help with anti-aging and overall skin health, including the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles.

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Experience DreamSpa At Chicago Day Spa

Phototherapy Helps Deliver Collagen, Oxygen To Skin

The DreamSpa is a personal phototherapy system that uses light to create energy in the body.  This advanced technology is now available at Skin Care Plus. Light is a nutrient for the body.  Just as plants need sunlight to thrive, humans need light to maintain health and well-being. Human cells are activated by particular wavelengths of light called photons. At the cellular level, photons transform into life-force energy.

Red LED light has been shown in numerous studies to stimulate the production of collagen, deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Customers report fewer lines and wrinkles and a smoother, lovelier complexion. Blue LEDs are used by professional estheticians to reduce acne. The body relief mode offers a combination of blue and red LEDs reducing the most significant culprits in the fight against rosacea: redness, flushing and dilated capillaries.

DreamSpa Erases Stress, Reverses Aging Of Skin

Experience deep relaxation and a profound sense of well-being with each session with the DreamSpa. Each 30-minute session can feel like a restorative night of sleep. It also promotes other benefits, including:

  • More Energy
  • Improved Sleep
  • Profound Stress Relief
  • Enhanced Mood & Mental Clarity
  • Youthful, Vibrant Skin
  • Reduction of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Healthier Hair & Nails 
  • Relief of Aches & Pains
Pineal Gland and Light. Few people realize that the pineal gland is in fact a literal eye.The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland in the exact center of the brain and comes from the root word “pinea” which is Latin for “pinecone.” Pinecone/pineal symbolism appears all over the ancient world. Why are so many ancient cultures obsessed with pineal symbolism?  The answer may be found inside the gland itself. The interior of the pineal gland actually has retinal tissue composed of rods and cones (light receptors) just like the eye. It is even wired into the visual cortex in the brain. Natural, unfiltered light is necessary for the proper functioning of the pineal. The pineal gland converts light energy into an electrochemical impulse which feeds directly into the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus mediates all of the vital processes of the body through it’s connections to the pituitary gland and the autonomic nervous system. The hypothalamus is filled with light sensitive cells which convert the electromagnetic signal of light into a neurochemical impulse, which is then carried directly into the pituitary gland. Is it a coincidence that the organ that has for thousands of years been called the 3rd eye actually has all the components needed for a functioning eye? Unfortunately for many of us, the pineal gland can become calcified from heavy metals and fluoride. Avoid fluoride and heavy metals, spend more time outdoors, limit the amount of time you wear sunglasses and regularly use your DreamSpa. The DreamSpa delivers beneficial light to the pineal gland.

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Power Nap with DreamSpa. The benefits of naps cannot be overstated. Past studies have shown a nap can help us recuperate lost hours of sleep and restore our worn-out synapses. Scientists from the University of Michigan are looking to add to this body of research with their latest study, which argues the benefits of naps during office hours. Each DreamSpa session feels like a night of deep sleep. Our innovative Brainwave Entrancement™ feature lulls the brain into a profoundly restorative 5Hz theta. Brainwave research has shown that is the “Miracle Zone” where the brain repairs and reboots itself. Emerge from your DreamSpa session thoroughly relaxed, refreshed and re-energized. Coconut water is an excellent way to hydrate, as it naturally replenishes electrolytes. Boost the efficacy of your DreamSpa sessions by drinking coconut, or mineral rich, or electrolyte enhanced water. The mitochondria in our cells look and function like a wet cell battery. Electrolytes enable the body to absorb and retain more light energy. Not all brands of coconut waters are the same. There can be a big difference in quality and even ingredients.

DreamSpa Testimonials

“I love it. The DreamSpa has changed my life. Increased energy and feeling of aliveness,”Bob Luckin, Redding, CA
“The DreamSpa has significantly improved my energy level on a day to day basis. The energy improvement has been profound on days that I am exhausted. I rely on the DreamSpa to help me function on those days. It has taken a few months, but now I am noticing improved cognitive functioning and thinking skills,” Robert Bolleter, Tucson, AZ.
“I love the DreamSpa! It definitely boosts my energy,” Ariana Newcomer, Los Gatos, CA
Geneva skin care and facials
“Each person I’ve shared the spa with had a unique experience, from a good night sleep for the first time in years, to being completely and instantly energized.” Marie Olofsdotter, Minneapolis, MN 

To learn more about the DreamSpa, or to schedule your first session, please contact Joan Kesman at Skin Care Plus. Call 630-655-3345.

For more information about the DreamSpa, visit

Geneva Skin care and facial

To find out more about the importance of facials and natural skin care products, please contact Skin Care Plus. We use and recommend the best natural and organic skin care products available. We also offer other skin care treatments that can help with anti-aging and overall skin health, including the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles.

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Personal Skin Care With DNA Analysis

Chicago Spa Has Always Promoted Personal Skin Care

Skin Care Plus has always touted the importance of personal and natural skin care products. A company in London, however, uses a high-tech process, including DNA analysis, to prescribe skin care products that match your genetics, chemistry and skin care needs.

The skin care company is called GeneU. The London-based clinic adds a sample of your saliva to a small microchip. The test is complete in just 30 minutes. It analyzes two genes–one that regulates how fast your body degrades collagen and the other deciphers your predisposition to antioxidant protection and anti-aging.

Results are entered into a computer, which recommends two of the company’s 18 skin care serums that best fit your needs. The cost is about $940 (including the test and a two-week supply of skin care serum).

“For us it’s about giving people the right concentrations that their skin can metabolize,” said Christofer Toumazou, the company’s founder and a professor at Imperial College London. “We all know that science and technology have radically reshaped many aspects of our daily lives over the last 20 years. GENEU is at the forefront of the next wave of skin health. One that brings medical and technological expertise to everyone’s individual healthcare and beauty needs in radically new ways.”

Double-blind clinical trials over 18 months suggest that GeneU reduces fine lines and wrinkles by up to 30 percent in 12 weeks, Dr. Toumazou said. The results have not yet been published.

GeneU isn’t the only company offering skin care tailored to genetics. SkinShift in Austin, Tex., outsources its $99 DNA test, then suggests some combination drawn from an available pool of four serums and five nutritional supplements. None cost more than $75.

Skin Care Plus doesn’t make any judgements of these companies, but we do find it interesting that the theme of personal skin care continues to gain traction. We support that revolution completely. Be sure to tell your friends, family and co-workers that we offer free personal skin care analysis (by phone or in-person) as part of our personal and natural skin care consultation and treatment. We ship products to customers around the world. We also offer the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and Wheaton.

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Geneva Skin care and facial

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Skin Care and Beauty Trends

Product Ingredients Driving Consumer Preferences

More and more people are concerned about the impacts of skin care products and their ingredients on their health and the environment. Destructive practices and fraudulent claims are tougher to conceal in the age of social media. That single force could be the most dynamic issue in the skin care industry in the foreseeable future.

As we have explained in our blog before, many skin care products can harm you. In fact, many contain petroleum products and other harmful chemicals. Many skin care products contain ingredients that are known carcinogens, while others dehydrate your skin and cause other forms of damage to your overall health. Some creams and lotions contain collagen from livestock, which the food industry consider a specified-risk material for mad cow disease. Other skin care products include petroleum-based ingredients.

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Regulations in the skin care products industry are weak and oversight is even weaker in most countries. Your best bet is to do your research. Learn the issues that concern you and shop wisely, while informing your friends and family of the hazards. The risks are real.

Other skin care trends? According to their beauty blog, Marla Malcolm Beck, founder of M-61 Laboratories, thinks that personal technology will change the skin care industry drastically.

“They will eventually develop an app that’s kind of like a FitBit for your skin,” she says. “It will tell you everything that you need to know about your skin that day: the water levels, collagen levels, and on and on. Because, your skin is different from day to day.”

Then, things will get really interesting. “The app will be hooked up to a 3-D printer that’s equipped with different skin-care ingredient cartridges,” Beck says. “It will be able to cocktail products for you and then print them, so every day you have exactly what you need for your face.”

Dermatologist Craig Kraffert, MD, of Amarté Skin Care, says the days of heavy sunscreen may soon be behind us. And, who wouldn’t want their SPF to glide on as smoothly as moisturizer?

“The FDA is under huge pressure to look at and make a decision on new ingredients,” he says. “Once they do, it will give us a ton more options. It may be that [it will be] easier to make more elegant sunscreen products — meaning people won’t mind using them, and they may work better.”

Your beauty products are about to get smarter. “There’s going to be a big amount of influence from the pharma and nutritional worlds,” says Smitha Rao, VP of product development for StriVectin. “We know that when you apply antioxidants or…peptides intelligently, it turns on and turns off very specific genes.”

Formulas — not just ingredients — will get more effective. “Formulations will no longer just be ‘delivering’ the active ingredients to the skin,” says Rao. “They’ll work to improve the efficacy of the products.”

Ling Chan, founder of Ling Skin Care, agrees. “I see more exciting ingredients on the horizon that will be ‘smart’ and custom — ingredients that can deliver results according to our individual skin type and ailment.”

Organic skin care ingredients will soon be mixed with lab-created ingredients to create new hybrid products.

“In skin care, it will be about the marriage of ‘What is the best extract I can get out of botanical ingredients?’ and ‘How can I combine that with the best that science has to offer?’” says Annet King, director of global education for Dermalogica. “Consumers are already very aware of what ingredients are good. We’ll be able to…design our own peptides and know what amino acids we can put together.”

And, Rao says: “We know what active ingredients are most important to your skin. We can use plant biotechnology to harness the best of what’s in a good thing, and make it better. It’s ‘science with a soul.'”

We’re already starting to see hybrids: makeup products that contain skin-care ingredients. But, they’re about to get huge. “We’ve moved on to the idea that every cosmetic…needs to have skin benefits,” says King. “We’re looking at skin care, 24/7 — not just through skin-care products.”

Yannis Alexandrides, MD, a plastic surgeon and founder of 111Skin, agrees. “We’re quickly seeing the line between cosmetics and treatment become blurred,” he says. “New-ingredient technologies that have been proven successful in medicine are beginning to be used in cosmetics.”

And, SPF is just the beginning. You’ll be able to use foundations, concealers, lipsticks, and more with powerful skin benefits, like anti-aging and acne control.

The stereotypical day spa may be a thing of the past. “The idea of a spa that is only about relaxation, chocolate facials, and rose petals in the bath is dead,” King says. “Women, and men, are becoming less and less interested in that.” American spas are about to become more “hardcore,” as she says, like their European counterparts. “If you go to a health spa in Europe, you’ll see no fluffy robes or slippers.”

This means serving up the goods, and nothing but the goods. “Women are now saying, ‘Give me the latest, greatest thing that is going to give me those visible results,’” King says. “The modern woman wants to…bring down her stress levels and take good care of her skin. These new-and-improved spas will do just that.”

Ling thinks so, too. “I see the skin-care industry becoming more niche,” she says. “Rather than the conventional, large day spas, spa owners will specialize in one or two treatments. It will be about catering to very specific needs.” We’ll take that over a chocolate facial any day.

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To find out more about the importance of facials and natural skin care products, please contact Skin Care Plus. We use and recommend the best natural and organic skin care products available. We also offer other skin care treatments that can help with anti-aging and overall skin health, including the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles.

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SkinPen Raising Eyebrows In Skin Care Industry

Editor’s Note: We’re reserving judgement on the SkinPen until we can conduct some research on our own. However, you can’t deny that the technology is making waves in the media world at the moment. Like most skin care treatments, time will see if the rewards are lasting and if they outweigh any risks (I’m concerned about the inability to sterilize the needles from some human pathogens).

Healthier Skin Through Technology?

Step aside pricey wrinkle creams, and make room for the latest anti-aging product: the SkinPen. That’s right. One pen, and one hour. That’s all it takes to get new, rejuvenated skin, according to Texas-based Bellus Medical. It’s called the SkinPen, by Bellus Medical, which bills itself as a “dynamic medical aesthetics company.”

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Here’s how it works. First the skin is numbed. When the pen is placed on the face, 12 stainless steel needles create thousands of microscopic incisions. This allows for contraction and tightening, and helps products penetrate the skin.

“You are creating new, healthy collagen from that dermal layer,” clinical aesthetician Marilee St. Louis told ABC News affiliate WFFA-TV in Dallas. “This is so microscopic that you get this huge boost of collagen to heal the wound and thicken up the skin.”

St. Louis says the skin will initially be a little red and puffy, similar to a sunburn.

After three days, however, the skin is better than normal, she said.

“I did it on a Friday, and on Saturday I was back to charity work,” customer Julia Stocker told WFAA. “This has true results, and they are immediate”.

But it’s not just for wrinkles. The SkinPen can treat acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, sun damage and stretch marks, according to Bellus. And it can be used on more than just the face. Patients have received treatments on the neck, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back.

As for other treatments, microdermabrasion scrapes off the top level of skin, allowing for greater cellular turnover, and a slower aging process. It costs about $150 with a recovery time of three to five days.

Peels entail a chemical solution applied to skin. Over time, top layers of skin peel off, allowing for new skin to grow in. It costs $200 to $300 with a recovery time of three to 14 days.

SkinPen needles create thousands of tiny incisions, creating new collagen. It costs $300 to $400 with a recovery time of one to three days.

“We consider this the next step in micro-therapy,” Bellus Medical CEO and President Joe Proctor told ABC News today. “It’s going to be a little more expensive, but not much.”

Perhaps the biggest difference is the recovery process. “You can get dynamic results with little or no downtime,” Proctor said, adding that SkinPen patients can easily return to work the same day as their treatment.

The number of treatments a patient needs depends on their specific issue. Patients can receive the treatments about a month apart.


Geneva Skin care and facial

To find out more about the importance of facials and natural skin care products, please contact Skin Care Plus. We use and recommend the best natural and organic skin care products available. We also offer other skin care treatments that can help with anti-aging and overall skin health, including the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles.

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Skin Care Plus Brings Personal, Natural Skin Care To Geneva

 Chicago Skin Care Professional Moves To Geneva

Skin Care Plus has relocated its spa to Geneva to the delight of locals and business associates. The facial treatment spa has served the greater Chicago area for 25 years.

Owner Joan Kesman is one of the most progressive skin care and facial therapists in the nation with her emphasis on personal care and natural and holistic products and services. Kesman has more than 25 years experience as a licensed facial technician and more than 13 years of experience as an energy-based healing specialist. She is known across the nation for identifying the unique needs of her clients and developing personal  treatment plans to help them achieve a younger-looking, healthier face and body.

Geneva skin care and facial

“My goal is to de-stress body, mind, and spirit for each and every client,” said Kesman. “I help my clients reach their potential mentally and physically with an integrated and comprehensive approach.”

With cutting-edge facial treatments such as the Dream Spa light therapy, Psych-K, Swich, micro-current, and ultrasound, Skin Care Plus will continue drawing clients from around Chicago and across the nation. It’s a welcome addition to the Geneva neighborhood and business community.

Learn more about the importance of facials and natural skin care products, please contact Skin Care Plus. We use and recommend the best natural and organic skin care products available. We also offer other skin care treatments that can help with anti-aging and overall skin health, including the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles.

Geneva Skin care and facial

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