Better Skin With Better Makeup Tips

Cosmetics Can Harm Your Skin

Avoid Makeup: During summer, less makeup is best when possible. If you use foundation, be sure to apply face powder with SPF to avoid patchy skin. To protect your lips, always use a gloss or a lip balm with an SPF 15 to make them feel fresh. Avoid eye makeup and let your skin breathe and soak in Vitamin D.

Removing Makeup: Your skin needs sleep to renew itself. If you’re wearing makeup while your skin is under repair, it often causes blemishes and dryness. Before you go to bed, gently wash away your makeup and apply a nighttime moisturizer.

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When makeup is removed in an incorrect manner, it leads to irritation on the face and promotes premature aging and varying skin tone. Use face wipes to remove makeup, but do it properly to avoid damaging and stretching your skin. Removing makeup in the wrong way can irritate the skin and promote premature aging. Be sure to gently remove makeup from your forehead first. Wipe it from the middle of the forehead to the left and then rub back to the middle and to the right.

Then wrap the wipe around your finger, exposing the unused side and gently sweep it across the eyelids towards the outer corners. Use your ring finger to avoid applying excessive pressure on your delicate skin. For your cheeks, repeatedly sweep the wipe upwards towards your ears. The upward movement will not cause your skin to stretch and sag. Simple tips can go a very long way toward better skin.

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