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Many people skip toner in their skin care routine. It can be optional for some skin types but it does help balance out your skin and prepare it for moisturizing. If you decide to use toner, look for ones that are alcohol-free and suited for your particular skin type. Just dab some on a cotton pad, wipe your face and neck and let it air dry. Remember, your skin renews itself while you’re sleeping. That’s why it’s so important to get your eight hours of sleep each night.

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If you have time in the morning, do some stretching, walking or yoga poses. Doing so can help get your blood flowing, reduce dark circles under your eyes and help you look less puffy. Another great benefit to getting moving in the morning is that you’ll be more alert and it gives your metabolism a boost. If you already work out in the morning then you’re already on the right track. These are some of the things that we review when we assess your skin and lifestyle to determine the best skin care products for your body, age and lifestyle. If you don’t live in the greater Chicago area, we offer telephone assessments, consulting and product recommendations for clients around the globe.

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To find out more about the importance of facials and natural skin care products, please contact Skin Care Plus. We use and recommend the best natural and organic skin care products available. We also offer other skin care treatments that can help with anti-aging and overall skin health, including the best facial in the greater Chicago area, including Batavia, Geneva, and St. Charles.

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